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2. Office of the President

 Record Group
Identifier: 2

Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

Office of the President (Calvin Pease) Records

Identifier: RG-002-005

The first alumnus of the university to be elected president, Pease served as president from 1855 to 1861. The collection contains a small amount of correspondence, as well as UVM receipts and his resignation to the Corporation, Dec. 2, 1861. It also contains a number of addresses, sermons, and essays written by Pease. The bulk of the collection, however, is personal and family correspondence, family documents, and personal journals and notes.

Dates: 1829-1866

Office of the President (Carl W. Borgmann) Records

Identifier: RG-002-013

Borgmann served as president of the University of Vermont from 1952-1958. The collection is arranged by academic year and alphabetically within years, being mostly university business correspondence and memos. Among the interesting topics are folders on the U.S. House Un-American Activities policy and security speeches (1952-1953), the Negro Land-Grant Committee (1953-1954), and a WCAX proposal for the establishment of a television station, 1954.

Dates: 1952-1958

Office of the President (Daniel Clark Sanders) Records

Identifier: RG-002-001

Daniel Clark Sanders (1768-1850) was the first President of the University of Vermont, 1800-1814. The collection consists of early records of the University of Vermont, including accounts, subscriptions, correspondence to individuals and members of the Corporation.

Dates: 1791-1953

Office of the President (Daniel Haskel) Records

Identifier: RG-002-024

Haskel served as president of the University of Vermont from 1821-1824. The collection includes correspondence on becoming president and on dismissal as pastor of the Church of Christ in Burlington, 1821. Also letters concerning the discipline of a student, and on mending the by-laws, 1823 and n.d.; a bound volume of his "Notes on a Systematic Divinity."

Dates: 1819-1823

Office of the President (Guy Bailey) Records

Identifier: RG-002-010
Abstract Guy Winfred Bailey (1876-1940), born in Hardwick, Vermont, attended UVM, graduating in 1900 and was admitted to the Vermont bar in 1904. A member of the Vermont Legislature from 1904 to 1906, he was elected Vermont Secretary of State in 1908 until he resigned in 1917 to join the university administration as comptroller. Already a Trustee since 1914 and acting president from August 1919, he was elected in 1920 to the presidency and remained in office until his death in 1940. Most of the...
Dates: 1920-1940

Office of the President (Guy Potter Benton) Records

Identifier: RG-002-009

Benton served as President of the University of Vermont from 1911-1919. Benton's papers are considerably more voluminous and well organized than any of his predecessors, arranged chronologically and alphabetically by correspondent/subject within years. In addition, there are university financial records and administrative documents; inaugural correspondence and other materials; addresses by Benton to the Faculty Senate, at commencements, and other venues.

Dates: 1911-1921

Office of the President (James B. Angell) Records

Identifier: RG-002-007

James B. Angell served as president of the University of Vermont from 1866-1871. Angell's papers contain a small amount of correspondence relating to his presidency at UVM, including his acceptance and resignation and his inaugural address, August 1, 1866. The collection also includes personal correspondence, lecture notes, published writings, a memorial to his wife Sarah Swoope Casell Angell, and his obituary.

Dates: 1866-1916

Office of the President (James Marsh) Records

 Record Group
Identifier: RG-002-003

James Marsh was President of the University of Vermont from 1826-1833. The collection contains correspondence relating to university business, Marsh's inaugural address, reports to the Trustees, Marsh's accounts with the university, a copy of "An Exposition of the System of Instruction and Discipline Pursued in the University of Vermont," by the Faculty; and of UVM faculty views on reforming instruction at the university.

Dates: 1806-1883

Office of the President (John Millis) Records

Identifier: RG-002-011
Abstract Millis served as president of the University of Vermont from 1941-1949. Included are correspondence, memos, reports, appointment calendars, and planning documents. Notable correspondents include local and state leaders Warren Austin, Deane Davis, Dean of Women Mary Jean Simpson, College of Agriculture Dean Carrigan, and Proctor Page. There are several boxes of correspondence and other materials on UVM's war effort and training programs, both for the Army Air Force and ASTP, the Army...
Dates: 1941-1950

Office of the President (Joseph Torrey) Records

Identifier: RG-002-006
Abstract Torrey was appointed professor of Greek and Latin at UVM in 1827. In 1842, after the death of James Marsh, he became professor of moral philosophy. He served as President of the University from 1862-1866. The records document a number of historically important developments at the university, including the effort to raise funds in support of it. The correspondence files contain letters over the duration of Torrey's long association with the university as faculty and then president. Much of...
Dates: 1801-1975