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George D. Aiken Papers

Identifier: mss-172

Scope and Content Note

The George D. Aiken papers are a rich source for the study of the issues and events shaping U.S. and Vermont political history, from World War II to Watergate. The breadth and scope of the 250,000+ documents contained in the collection are difficult to summarize. The papers consist primarily of Aiken's senatorial files: bills and amendments, hearings, committee reports and recommendations, statistical studies, press releases, a great deal of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and articles. The Aiken papers also contain photographs, sound recordings and films , and his senate diaries. Some materials from Aiken's gubernatorial years were saved, as well. In addition, recent accessions relate largely to Aiken's retirement activities, and currently, materials pertaining to the Aiken legacy in Vermont. The initial deposit of Aiken's papers came to the University of Vermont in 1974. The collection has been processed in much the same manner in which they were received from Senator Aiken's office, using a subject sub-series approach. Therefore, users should be aware that the inventory does not follow a chronological format except within each subject sub-series. Aiken's interests in agriculture, foreign policy, and energy are well-documented in the materials covering his work in the Agriculture and Forestry Committee, the Foreign Relations Committees and the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy. Aiken's involvment with the first Hoover Commission, the United Nations, and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty delegation to Moscow is also well-documented. The Aiken Rural Water Bill, the Food Stamp Act, Medicare, Social Security, civil rights, and gun control are just a few of the other issues on which there are significant source materials for study in the Aiken papers. George D. Aiken's concern for Vermont issues are documented in his work for rural electrification, flood control, and natural resources conservation.

Of particular importance, the St. Lawrence Seaway sub-series of the Aiken papers contain over 15,000 items on the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project, primarily from 1932 to 1974. The Seaway correspondence of Senator Ernest Gibson, Sr., Aiken's predecessor in the U.S. Senate, document Gibson's role in promoting the Seaway from 1932 to 1940, and were passed on to Aiken. The papers contain extensive correspondence with a national and international constituency with letters and position papers supporting and opposing the development of the Seaway, and the political forces at work during the more than 20 years of working out the enabling legislation for the Project. With funding from the U.S. Department of Education, the primary sources in the sub-series have been microfilmed and are available through inter-library loan.


  • 1892-1987



Collection is open for research, except the Case Files which are closed.

Publication Rigths:

All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Curator of Manuscripts.

Biographical Note

Born in Dummerston, Vermont on August 20, 1892, George David Aiken held public office at the local, state, and national level for more than 43 years. A Putney farmer, Aiken owned and operated the Aiken Nurseries. His lifelong interest in agriculture began at an early age; at age 18 he was master of the Putney Grange, and at 21, he helped organize the Windham County Farm Bureau. Elected school director of Putney in 1920, George D. Aiken held his first political office for 15 years.

Vermont State Politics

Three generations of Aikens served in the Vermont House of Representatives. Following this tradition, George D. Aiken ran but lost his first bid for the House in 1922. Eight years later in 1931, Putney sent Aiken to the House where he climbed quickly in the ranks of state politics. Aiken was named Speaker of the House, 1933-1935, became Lieutenant-Governor in 1935, and held the state's highest office as Governor of Vermont from 1937 to 1941.

National politics

Governor Aiken's desire for the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway motivated him to run for national office. He easily won the senatorial election in 1940, one of the youngest men ever elected to the U.S. Senate at the time. Aiken's long fight for the St. Lawrence Seaway enabling legislation began in 1943, and culminated with the signing of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project bill in 1954.

For six terms, from 1941 to 1974, George D. Aiken served Vermont in the U.S. Senate. During Senator Aiken's long tenure, he was primarily involved with agricultural, foreign policy, and energy legislation. Some of the highlights of his long career included appointments to a wide variety of Senate committees: Civil Service (1941-1947), Pensions (1941-1947), Expenditures in the Executive Departments (1941-1949), Education and Labor (1941-1954), Agriculture and Foresty (1941-1974), Agriculture Appropriations (1947-1971), Foreign Relations (1954-1974), Atomic Energy (1959-1974), the Republican Policy, Principles, and Campaign committees (1960s), and Aeronautical and Space Sciences (1965-1966). Presidential appointments included his service on the First Hoover Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1947-1949), U.S. Representative to the 15th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (1960), and member of the U.S delegation to Moscow for the signing of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963.

Private Citizen

Upon his retirement from the Senate in 1975, George Aiken returned to his home state to share his vast experience and energy with Vermonters. He lectured extensively throughout the state, particularly at the University of Vermont. Aiken continued his involvement in agricultural and environmental issues; both the Sugar Maple Laboratory in So. Burlington and UVM's Center for Natural Resources were named in his honor. Five thousand acres of national forest in Woodford, Vt. were designated the George D. Aiken Wilderness Area in 1984.


George D. Aiken married the late Beatrice Howard in 1914, with whom he had four children: Dorothy, Marjorie, Barbara, and Howard (deceased). In 1967, Senator Aiken married his longtime administrative assistant, Lola Pierotti. Aiken authored Pioneering with Wildflowers (1933), Pioneering with Fruits and Berries (1936), Speaking from Vermont (1938), Aiken Senate Diary: January 1972-January 1975 (1976), numerous booklets and pamphlets on public affairs issues, and articles for Vermont Life magazine. On November 19, 1984, George D. Aiken died in Montpelier, Vt. Aiken's legacy to his state and to his country was perhaps best summarized by The Washington Post's obituary tribute of George D. Aiken as "a model of simplicity, integrity and candor: a man of character."


360 cubic feet

Language of Materials



The papers consist primarily of Aiken's senatorial files: bills and amendments, hearings, committee reports and recommendations, statistical studies, press releases, a great deal of correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, photographs, sound recordings, films, and his senate diaries, as well as some materials from Aiken's gubernatorial years

Physical Location

Library Research Annex; contact for access.

Separated Material

BOUND VOLUMES: Removed to U.S. Government Documents, Bailey/Howe Library, University of Vermont

  1. Foreign Assistance Act of 1962 - April 1, 5,9,10,11,12,13,16,18,1962
  2. Foreign Assistance Act of 1963 - June 11,12,13,17,18,21,25,26, and July 11, 1963
  3. Foreign Assistance 1964 - March 31, April 1,14,21, June 18,19,22,23, 1964
  4. Foreign Assistance 1965 - March 9,10,12,15,17,19,22,23,24,25,29, Apr. 7, 1965
  5. Supplemental Foreign Assistance FY 1966- Vietnam Jan. 28, Feb. 4,8,10,17,18, 1966
  6. Foreign Assistance 1966 - Apr. 6,18,20,25,27,29, May 2,9,11, 1966
  7. Foreign Economic Assistance - July 7, 1966
  8. Foreign Assistance Act of 1967 - June 12, July 14,26, 1967
  9. Foreign Assistance Act of 1968 - March 11,12, 1968
  10. Foreign Assistance Act of 1969 - July 14,15,18, August 6, 1969
  11. Supplemental Foreign Assistance Authorization 1970 - December 10,11, 1970
  12. Foreign Assistance Legislation FY 1972 - June 10,11,14, 1971

Nominations - Hearings

  1. Clare Boothe Luce April 15, 1959
  2. C. Douglas Dillon May 12, 1959
  3. Ogden R. Reid May 12, 19, 1959
  4. Dean Rusk Jan. 12, 1961
  5. Chester Bowles Jan. 19, 1961
  6. Murat W. Williams, George W. Ball, Roger W. Jones and G. Mennen Williams Jan. 24, 1961
  7. W. Averell Harriman, Frank M. Coffin, Philip M. Klutznick, and Abram Chayes Jan. 31, 1961
  8. Julius C. Holmes April 10,20,21, 1961
  9. Appointments to the Foreign Service May 9, 1961
  10. State Dept. and Diplomatic Nominations Mar. 2, 1965
  11. United States Information Agency Nominations - April 27, and May 18, 1965
  12. Lincoln Gordon Feb. 7, 1966
  13. William M. Roth Feb. 27, 1967
  14. Dr. Clifford M. Hardin, J. Phil Campbell, and Clarence D. Palmby Jan. 16, 1969
  15. Frank J. Shakespeare, Jr. Jan. 27, 1969
  16. Gerald C. Smith Feb. 6, 1969
  17. Richard E. Lying, David A. Haml, and James V. Smith Feb. 26, 1969
  18. Walter H. Annenberg, Jacob D. Beam, and John S.D. Eisenhower Mar. 7, 1969
  19. Nominations -State Department Apr. 15, 1969
  20. Nominations -State Dept. Sept. 23, 1969
  21. Nominations to the U.S. Advisory Commission on Information Apr. 29 and June 8, 1971
  22. Adams, Bagge, Donner, Ross, Trowbridge, and Wadsworth Apr. 1965
  23. Robert R. Bowie Feb. 1956

Foreign Policy

  1. Review of Foreign Policy, 1958 Feb. and Mar. 1958
  2. United States Foreign Policy Jan.,Feb.,Mar. 1960
  3. Background Documents on Events Incident to the Summit Conference May 1960
  4. Events Incident to the Summit Conference May and June 1960
  5. Events Relating to the Summit Conference June 1960
  6. United States Foreign Policy Jan.,Feb,Mar. 1961
  7. Defense Department Sponsored Foreign Affairs Research May 1968
  8. Briefing by Secretary of State William P. Rogers Mar. 1969
  9. International Development and National Security
  10. Increased Resources for International Development Association May 1968
  11. Mutual Security Act of 1959 Part 1 Apr.,May 1959
  12. Mutual Security Act of 1959 Part 2 May 1959
  13. International Development Association Mar. 1960
  14. International Development and Security Part 1 May, June 1961
  15. International Development and Security Part 2 May, June 1961
  16. National Security Act Amendment Mar.,Apr. 1972


  1. U.S. Policy with Respect to Red China Mar. 1966
  2. Asian Development Bank Special Funds Oct. 1967
  3. Construction of Nuclear Desalting Plants in the Middle East Oct.,Nov. 1967
  4. United States Relations with the People's Republic of China June, July 1971
  5. Recognition of Bangladesh March 1972
  6. China and the United States: Today and Yesterday Feb. 1972


  1. Protocol on the Termination of the Occupation Regime in the Federal Rebublic of Germany and Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty on the Accession of the Federal Republic of Germany March 1955
  2. United States Policy Toward Europe June, July 1966
  3. Public Financing of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty May 1971
  4. Funding of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty June 1972


  1. International Food for Peace July 1959
  2. Conventions on the Law of the Sea Jan. 1960
  3. Planning For Peace May 1965
  4. To Amend the Peace Corps Act April 1965
  5. The Communist World in 1967 Jan. 1967
  6. Consular Convention with the Soviet Union Jan. and Feb. 1967
  7. Peace Corps Act Amendment of 1968 April 1968
  8. Peace Corps Act Amendments of 1969 June 1969
  9. Peace Corps Act Amendments of 1970 March 1970
  10. U.S. Foreign Service Scholarship Program June 1971
  11. U.N. Sanctions Against Rhodesia-Chrome July 1971
  12. Department of State Appropriations Authorization, FY 1973 March 1972

Trad (Including Military Sales)

  1. East-West Trade Mar., Apr. 1964
  2. Arms Sales to Near East and South Asian Countries Mar.,Apr.,June 1967
  3. Foreign Military Sales June 1968

Nuclear Arms and Disarmament

  1. Disarmament and Foreign Policy Jan.,Feb. 1959
  2. Disarmament and Foreign Policy Feb. 1959
  3. Disarmament Developments Spring 1960 June 1960
  4. Amend the Arms Control and Disarmament Act Feb. 1965
  5. United States Armament and Disarmament Problems Feb.,Mar. 1967
  6. Nonproliferation Treaty July 1968
  7. Strategic and Foreign Policy Implications of ABM Systems Mar. 1969
  8. Chemical and Biological Warfare Apr. 1969
  9. Underground Weapons Testing Sept. 1969
  10. ABM, MIRV, SALT and the Nuclear Arms Race March, April, May, June 1970
  11. The Geneva Protocol of 1925 Mar. 1971
  12. Strategic Arms Limitation Agreements June, July 1972


  1. Southeast Asia Resolution Aug. 1964
  2. Asia, The Pacific, and the United States Jan. 1967
  3. Harrison E. Salisbury's Trip to North Vietnam Feb. 1967
  4. Subcommission of the Vietnam Conflict to the United Nations Oct.,Nov. 1967
  5. The Gulf of Tonkin, The 1964 Incident Feb. 1968
  6. The Nature of Revolution Feb.,Mar. 1968
  7. Briefing on Vietnam Nov. 1969
  8. Vietnam Policy Proposals Feb.,Mar. 1970
  9. Impact of the War in Southeast Asia on the United States Economy Apr.,May,June,Aug. 1970
  10. Moral and Military Aspects of the War in Southeast Asia May 1970
  11. Bombing Operations and the Prisoners of War Rescue Mission in North Vietnam Nov. 1970
  12. Vietnam: Policy and Prospects, 1970 Feb.,Mar. 1970
  13. Legislative Proposals Relating to the War in Southeast Asia Apr.,May 1971
  14. War Powers Legislations Mar.,Apr.,May,July, Oct. 1971
  15. Vietnam Children's Care Agency Apr. 1972
  16. Bombing as a Policy Tool in Vietnam: Effectiveness Oct. 1972

Latin and South America

  1. Latin and South America Inter-American Development Bank June 1959
  2. Inter-American Development Bank Act Amendment Feb. 1965
  3. Inter-American Development Bank Act Amendment May 1967
  4. Inter-American Development Bank Act Amendment July 1970
  5. Amendments to the OAS Charter Feb. 1968
  6. United States Relations with Peru Apr. 1969
  7. U.S. Military Policies and Programs in Latin America June, July 1969
  8. Rockefeller Report on Latin America Nov. 1969
  9. Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Mar. 1970
  10. U.S. Policies and Programs in Brazil May 1971
  11. Latin American Summit Conference Mar. 1967

Foreign Relations: Hearings, Reports, Etc.

  1. Legislative Origins of the Truman Doctrine 1974 (released 1973)
  2. Foreign Relief Aid: 1947 1947 (released 1973)
  3. Foreign Relief Assistance Act of 1948 1948 (released 1973)
  4. Economic Assistance to China and Korea: 1949-1950 (released January 1974)
  5. Interlocking Subversion in Govt. Depts. 1954 (Activities of U.S. Citizens in Red China, Part 23)
  6. USIA Appropriations Authorization, FY 1973 1972
  7. Briefing on Major Foreign Policy Questions 1973
  8. Foreign Assistance Act of 1973 1973
  9. Nominations 1973
  10. U.S. Policy Toward Cuba 1973
  11. Multinational Corporations and U.S. Foreign Policy, Part 1 and 2 1973
  12. Dept. of State Appropriations Authorization, FY 1974 1973
  13. FY 1974 Peace Corps Authorization 1973
  14. Strengthening the International Court of Justice 1973
  15. Foreign Economic Assistance, 1973 1973
  16. USIA Appropriations Authorizations, FY 1974 1973


  1. North Atlantic Treaty 1949
  2. 100 Things You Should Know about Communism 1951
  3. Who Are They? Karl Marx (Part 10) 1959
  4. The House Committee on Un-American Activities; What it is-What it does 1958
  5. Communist Lobbying Activities in the Nation's Capital 1959
  6. Facts on Communism -Volume 1 1959
  7. Conference on the Discontinuance of Nuclear Weapons Tests 1960
  8. The Communist Party Line 1961
  9. Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications (supercedes Guide of 1957) 1961
  10. Problems and Trends in Atlantic Partnership I 1962
  11. New Program of the Communist Party USA 1966
  12. College Debate Topic-Resolved: That Executive Control of U.S. Foreign Policy should be Significantly Curtailed 1968-1969
  13. Collective Defense Treaties 1969
  14. Survey of the Alliance for Progress 1969

U.S. and China Relations, 1966 Hearings: One volume

  1. U.S. Policy with Respect to Mainland China Sen. Aiken -pp.169-170; 523-526; 531-533.
  2. U.S. Relations with the Peoples Republic of China Sen. Aiken -pp.57; 169-171.
  3. China and the U.S.: Today and Yesterday Sen. Aiken -pp.11; 17-19.

Legislative Hearings, Reports and Laws: Volume 3 - 92nd Congress, 1st Session

  1. Legislative Proposals Relating to the War in Southeast Asia Senator Aiken: 115,116,117,124,125,189,190,191, 221,232,233,234,235,283,284,285, 286,289,397,398,462,463,464,465, 500,560.
  2. U.S. Foreign Service Scholarship Program S.390 Senator Aiken: 50.
  3. Trans. of Exec. Agreement to Congress Senator Aiken: 14,34,62,63.
  4. War Powers Legislation Senator Aiken: 35,36,37,38,383,508,509,510, 511,532,603,604,606,778.
  5. Inter-American Development Bank for Special Operations Senator Aiken: 20,22,23,24.
  6. Asian Development Bank Special Funds Senator Aiken: 13,14,15,16,17,26,36,37,38.
  7. U.N. Sanctions against Rhodesia -Chrome Senator Aiken: 56,64,65,68,69,74,76,77.
  8. Peace Corps Act Amendment 1971 Senator Aiken: 12,13,14.
  9. U.S. Relations with People's Republic of China Senator Aiken: 32,57,58,105,169,170,171.

Legislative Reports, Hearings and Public Laws: Volume 4 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Public Financing of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty 1971 Senator Aiken: 9,10,11,27,28,29,30,31.
  2. Funding of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, 1972 Senator Aiken: 29,30,31,49.
  3. National Security Act Amendment Senator Aiken: 37,38,39.
  4. Vietnam Children's Care Agency Senator Aiken: 37,38.
  5. War Powers Legislation Hearings Senator Aiken: 35,36,37,38,383,508,509, 510,511,532,603,604,606, 778.
  6. Export Administrations Act Amendment Senator Aiken: 16,17,18.
  7. Atlantic Union Delegation -Appendix Senator Aiken: 16,17,18,22,37.
  8. Recognition of Bangladesh Senator Aiken: 10,11,12,14,18,19,20,21.
  9. Executives Agreements with Portugal and Bahrain Senator Aiken: 9,10,28,29,84,85,89,90,92,98,99.

Executive Messages, Hearings and Reports: Volume 2 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Congress

  1. Genocide Convention Senator Aiken: 86.
  2. Geneva Protocol of 1925 Senator Aiken: 30,31,32,64,65,66,67,69,70,71, 71,172,173,190,193,229,231, 232,233,246,247,264,298,299, 300,301,302,303,311,313,314, 367,368,369,370,371,372,376.
  3. International Wheat Agreement 1971 Senator Aiken: 2,5,6,7,12,20,26,27,29,3l,32, 41,42,43,44,46,49,50,54,57,58,61,72,73.
  4. Okinawa Reversion Treaty Senator Aiken: 13,14.

Miscellaneous Hearings: Volume 2 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Vietnam Policy Proposals Senator Aiken: 29,30,31,284,285,305,322,323.
  2. Vietnam Policy and Prospects 1970 Senator Aiken: 94,95,96,314,315,316,332, 458,459,597,598,599,601,602.
  3. Moral and Military Aspects of War Senator Aiken: 71,72,73.
  4. ABM, MIRV, SALT, and Nuclear Arms War Senator Aiken: 127,128,129,438,439.

Miscellaneous Hearings, Nominations and Committee Prints: Volume 4 - 92nd Congress, 1st Session

  1. Nominations to the U.S. Advisory Commission on Information Senator Aiken: 15,16,17.
  2. U.S. Policies and Programs in Brazil Senator Aiken: 16,19,20,22,271,272,273,274,275.
  3. Arms Control Imp. of Current Defense Budget Senator Aiken: 280.
  4. United States -China Relations Senator Aiken: 2,3.
  5. Proposal for a Comp. Nuclear Test Ban Senator Aiken: 3,4,19,20,21.

Miscellaneous Hearings and Committee Prints: Volume 5 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session

  1. China and the U.S.: Today and Yesterday Senator Aiken: 10,17,18,19,81,84.
  2. Causes, Origins and Lessons of the Vietnam War Senator Aiken: 31,32,33,34,35.36,37,38.

Committee Prints: Volume 3 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Canada-U.S. Inter-Parlimentary Group-13th Meeting Senator Aiken: 3.
  2. Mexico-U.S. Inter-Parlimentary Group-IOth Meeting Senator Aiken: 1.

Legislative and Executive Reports, Hearings, Messages, and Public Laws: Volume 1 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Peace Corps Act 1970 Senator Aiken: 19.
  2. U.S.-U.S.S.R. Political Exchange Senator Aiken: 9,13,14,15,17,18,23,28.
  3. U.N. Headquarters Expansion Senator Aiken: 10,11,12,13,14,15,22,23.
  4. Foreign Military Sales Senator Aiken: 17-21,104,105.
  5. International Financial Institutions Senator Aiken: 1,2,26,27,28.
  6. Pan Am Rail Cong. Association Senator Aiken: 5,9,13-18.
  7. Supplemental Foreign Aid Senator Aiken: 17-21,106-108,113.
  8. POW Rescue Mission Senator Aiken: 11,12.
  9. Intellectual and Industrial Property Senator Aiken: 12,13.
  10. Tax Conventions with Belgium, etc. Senator Aiken: 38,39,43,51,53.

Executive Messages, Hearings, Reports, Nominations: Volume 1 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Seabed Arms Control Treaty Senator Aiken: 11,12.
  2. ABM Treaty and Assoc. Protocol
  3. Strategic Arms Limitation Agreements Senator Aiken: 18,19,20,21.
  4. Aircraft Sabotage Convention Senator Aiken: 5.

U.S. Security Agreement and Commitments Abroad: Volume 4 - 91st Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Part 1 Philippines Senator Aiken: 9,lO,12,19,2O,268,278,286,295.
  2. Part 2 Laos Senator Aiken: 390,391,477,533,535,542,543,547, 552,555.
  3. Part 3 Thailand Senator Aiken: 639,655,688,689,712,741,742,745, 812,813,837,933,934,935,989,990, 1OO8,lOO9,101O.
  4. Part 4 Japan and Tokyo Senator Aiken: 1217,1218,1249,1250,1334,1335.
  5. Part 6 Korea Senator Aiken: l55l,1655,1656,1661,1662,1663,1664.
  6. Part 9 Morocco and Libya Senator Aiken: 1984,1985,1988,1989,1991,1993,1994, 1997,1998.
  7. Part 10 U.S. Forces in Europe Senator Aiken: 2022,2023,2027,2028,2032,2O33,2037, 2046,2134-2140.
  8. Part 11 Spain and Portugal Senator Aiken: 2364,2365,2367,2371,2390,2391, 2392,2393.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1971 and Legislation on Foreign Relations: Volume 1 - 92nd Congress, 1st Session

  1. Hearings 1971
  2. Foreign Assistance Legislation FY72 Senator Aiken: 261,262,280,281,282,283,284,287,331,340,341.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1972 and Legislation on Foreign Relations: Volume 2 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Hearings before Committee on Foreign Relations - To Amend the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 Senator Aiken: 119,120,121,122,123,197,207,211,212,214,215,216,218,219,225,232,233,235.

Foreign Relations Appropriations, Authorizations: Reports and Hearings - Volume 3 - 92nd Congress, 2nd Session

  1. Foreign Service Grievances Procedures Senator Aiken: 215,216,217,223,224,291,296,302,303.
  2. Dept. of State Appropriations Authorization FY73 Senator Aiken: 45,46,47,48,49,115,116,117,118,123,276,277,278,279,280,285,295,382,411,414,415,433,434,461.
  3. USIA Appropriations Authorization FY73 Senator Aiken: 11,12,13,14,19,117,118,119,120,121,285,286,362,363.
  4. Peace Corps Appropriations Authorization Senator Aiken: 14,15,16,17,19,20,21.

Foreign Relations Source (Hearings, Reports, etc.): Six Volumes - 93rd Congress, 1st Session

  1. Executive Messages, Reports, Hearings, and Nominations
  2. Foreign Assistance Act of 1973 and Legislation on Foreign Relations
  3. Legislative Reports, Hearings, and Public Laws
  4. Miscellaneous Hearings, Documents and CommitteePrints

Foreign Relations Sources

  1. Historical Series
  2. Hearings and Committee Prints
  3. Subcommittee on Multinational Corporations - Hearings and Committee Prints
  4. Background information relating to Southeast Asia and Vietnam (5th Revised Edition -March 1969)
  5. A Select Chronology and Background Documents relating to the Middle East (lst Revised Edition -May 1969)
  6. Legislation on Foreign Relations with Explanatory Notes (March 1973)
  7. 1969-1970 Collection of Excerpts and Bibliography relating to National High School Debate Topic - "What Should be the United States Military Commitment to Foreign Countries?"

Hearings, Material, other Reports

  1. Legislative History of Executive M-Nuclear Test Ban - Treaty of 1963 (Volumes I, II (Parts 1 and 2), and III) - United States Atomic Energy Commission
  2. Review of the United Nations Charter - Hearings, Parts 1-10 (1956) - Hearings, Parts 11-17 (1957-1958) - A Collection of Documents (1919-1955) - Final Report (Report No.2501)
  3. Technical Assistance Hearings and Final Report -85th Congress, 1st Session
  4. Compilation of Studies on United States Foreign Policy- 86th Congress, 2nd Session (Committee on Foreign Relations)
  5. Compilation of Studies on United States -Latin American Relations(Foreign Relations Subcommittee on American Republics Affairs, 86th Congress, 2nd Session)

Joint Committee on Atomic Energy Bound Copies

  1. 89th Congress, lst Session (1965)Proposed Amend. Sec. 271 of Atomic EnergyAct of 1954
  2. 90th Congress, lst Session (1967)Licensing and Regulation of Nuclear Reactor - Hearings
  3. AEC Omnibus Legis.-Hearings, Reports, Public Laws
  4. 90th Congress, 2nd Session (1968)Commercial Plowshare Services
  5. 91st Congress, lst Session (1969)
  6. AEC Authorization Legis., FY 1970, Parts 1-3
  7. Environmental Effects of Producing Electric Power -Hearings
  8. Future Ownership of the AEC's Gaseous Diffusion Plants
  9. 91st Congress, 2nd Session (1970)AEC Authorization Legislation, FY 1971, Parts 1-4
  10. Environmental Effects of Producing Electric Power -Hearings, Part 2, Volume 1
  11. 92nd Congress, 1st Session (1971)Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program and Nuclear Rocket Engine Development Program (Hearings)
  12. AEC Authorization Legislation, FY 1972, Hearings, Parts 3-4
  13. AEC Licensing Procedure and Related Legislation, Parts 3-4
  14. AEC Licensing Procedure and Related Legislation, Hearings, Parts 1-2
  15. Controlled Thermonuclear Research, Hearings
  16. Status of Current Technology to Identify Seismic Events as Natural or Manmade and Staff Analysis Report
  17. Use of Uranium Mill Tailings in Construction
  18. Nuclear Power and Related Energy Problems
  19. Authorizing Legislation FY 1972, Part 2,Hearings, Reports and Public Laws
  20. AEC Authorizing Legislation FY 1973, Part 1,Hearings, Reports and Public Laws
  21. AEC Authorizing Legislation FY 1973, Parts 2 and 3
  22. AEC Authorizing Legislation FY 1973, Hearings, Part 4
  23. AEC Authorizing Legislation FY 1973, Part 5, Volume 1
  24. AEC Authorizing Legislation FY 1973, Part 5, Volume 2
  25. Interim Licensing of Nuclear Power Plants, 1972
  26. Selected Materials on the Calvert Cliffs Decision, Its Origin and Aftermath, 1972

Miscellaneous Hearings and Reports

  1. Military Applications of Nuclear Technology, Part 1, April 1973
  2. Environmental Affects of Producing Electrical Power, Part 1, 1970
  3. Environmental Affects of Producing Electrical Power, Part II, 1970
  4. Basis for Cooperative Arrangement for the LMFBR 1972
  5. Proceedings of 1969 Meeting in Burlington, VT Sponsored by Governor Deane C. Davis and Senator Aiken
  6. Nuclear Plants and the Environment 1969
  7. Nuclear Power and Related Energy Problems, 1968-1970
  8. AEC December 1, 1973 Report on Energy Research and Development

United States - Vietnam Relations 1945-1967

  1. 1971 Study Prepared by Department of DefenseVolumes 1-12

Source Material Including Hearings and Reports: Foreign Relations

Vietnam and Southeast Asia

  1. Southeast Asia Resolution
  2. Vietnam Conflict: The Substance and the Shadow Asia, the Pacific and the U.S.
  3. Submission of the Vietnam Conflict to United Nations
  4. The Rim of Asia
  5. Vietnam and the Paris Negotiations
  6. Perspective on Asia
  7. Impact of the War in Southeast Asia on U.S. Economy
  8. Investigation of the My Lai Incident
  9. Bombing Operations and POW Rescue Mission
  10. Legislative Proposals Relating to War in Southeast Asia
  11. U.S. Economic Assistance for Laos
  12. Vietnam and the Hidden U.S. Subsidy
  13. Economy and Efficiency of U.S Aid Programs in the Khmer Republic (Cambodia)
  14. The U.S. and Vietnam
  15. Causes, Origins, and Lessons of the Vietnam War
  16. U.S. Involvement in Overthrow of Diem, 1963
  17. The Post War Development of Vietnam
  18. Why Vietnam
  19. Supplemental Foreign Assistance for Vietnam, 1966

World War II

  1. Attack Upon Pearl Harbor by Japan
  2. Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack
  3. Termination of War Controls
  4. Korean War and Related Matters
  5. Authorizing President to Employ Armed Forces forProtection of Formosa
  6. Documents on Germany
  7. War Powers Legislation
  8. The U.S. and the Peace Part I -Part II
  9. Germany Surrenders Unconditionally -Documents
  10. A Year of Potsdam

Source Material Including Hearings and Reports: United Nations, 1961-1971

  1. Charter of United Nations
  2. The United States in the United Nations
  3. Information on Operations and Financing of U.N.
  4. Purchase of United Nations Bonds
  5. Report of President's Commission for Observance of 25th Anniversary of United Nations
  6. The Permanent Headquarters of the U.N.
  7. Food and United Nations (Reports -Laws)

Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program

  1. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program March 1967, Feb. 1968, April 1969, March 1970, March 1971

Electrical Utilities in Nuclear Power

  1. Participation by Small Electrical Utilities in Nuclear Power, Part 1; April and May, 1968 and Part 2 June 1968
  2. Environmental Effects of Producing Electrical Power, Part 2 Jan. and Feb. 1970


  1. Uranium Enrichment Services Criteria and Related Matters August 1966
  2. Uranium Enrichment Pricing Criteria June 1970, and Part 2 Feb. 1971

Licensing of Nuclear Plants

  1. Licensing and Regulation of Nuclear Reactors, Part 1; Apr. and May 1967, and Part 2 Sept. 1967
  2. Prelicensing Anti-trust Review of Nuclear Power Plants, Part 1; Nov. 1969, and Part 2 Apr. 1970
  3. AEC Licensing Procedure and Related Legislation, Part 1 June and July 1971
  4. H.R.13731 and H.R.13732 -To Amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 Re: Licensing of Nuclear Facilities, Part 1 Mar. 1972

International Agreements for Cooperation

  1. International Agreements for Cooperation Sept.1963, April and June 1964
  2. Agreement for Cooperation with NATO for Mutual Defense Purposes July and Aug. 1964
  3. International Agreements for Cooperation Apr. 1965, June, July 1965; Jan., May, June, Aug. 1966


  1. Fallout, Radiation Standards, and Countermeasures, Part 1 June 1963
  2. Loss of the U.S.S. Thresher June, July 1963, July 1964
  3. Scope, Magnitude, and Implications of the U.S. Antiballistic Missile Program Nov. 1967
  4. Commercial Plowshare Services July 1968
  5. Nuclear Explosion Services for Industrial Applications May, July 1969
  6. Future Ownership of the AEC's Gaseous Diffusion Plants July, Aug. 1969
  7. Public Works for Water, Pollution Control, and Power n.d.
  8. Development and Atomic Energy CommissionAppropriations, Part 4 FY 1970
  9. Competitive Aspects of the Energy IndustryPart 1 May 1970
  10. Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor (LMFBR)Demonstration Plant Sept. 1972

AEC Authorizing Legislation

  1. Fiscal Year 1967, Part 2 Feb., Mar. 1966
  2. Fiscal Year 1970, Parts 1, 2, and 3 Apr. 1969
  3. Fiscal Year 1971, Part 1 Feb. 1970
  4. Fiscal Year 1971, Part 4 Mar. 1970
  5. Fiscal Year 1972, Part 1 Feb., Mar. 1971
  6. Fiscal Year 1972, Parts 2 and 3 Mar. 1971
  7. Fiscal Year 1972, Part 4 Mar., May 1971
  8. Fiscal Year 1973, Part 1 Jan., Feb. 1972

Joint Committee on Atomic Energy Bound Copies: Miscellaneous Hearings and Reports

  1. Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations, Hearings 1968
  2. Agriculture Appropriations, Hearings 1968,1969,1970
  3. Compulsory Jurisdiction, International Court of Justice, Hearings 1960
  4. Activities of the Senate Committee on Govt. Operations, Printed Hearings 1963
  5. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1963 - President's Message - Senate Foreign Relations Comm. Report - Hearings
  6. Labor Disputes Act of 1946
  7. Unemployment Insurance Amendments, Hearings 1966
  8. Establish a Commission on Organization and Management of Executive Branch, Hearings 1968
  9. Unused Power: A Study of the Senate Comm. on Appropriations by Stephen Horn, Brookings Institution Mar. 1967
  10. Defense Department Sponsored Foreign Affairs Research, Hearings 1968
  11. Press Statement by GDA on the War (AP copy) 1967
  12. Clippings on the 1962 General Election 1962
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